Whether you are vacationing on a beach along the Florida Gulf Coast or live in the Tampa Bay area, you will appreciate the vast number of Pinellas County breweries. Well, that’s if you are into delicious craft beer with passionate brew masters, laid-back environments, and good conversations.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best breweries in Pinellas County, from St. Pete to Tarpon Springs, that will help you beat Florida’s heat and make your taste buds crave all things malty.

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Visit some of the best breweries in Pinellas County, FL

Green Bench Brewing

In the early 1900s, Saint Petersburg was known nationwide as ‘The City of Green Benches,’ so needless to say, this was the inspiration for Green Bench Brewing.

This St. Pete brewery is unique in that you can try a locally crafted beer and then hop on over – or walk across the beer garden – to their second tasting room Webb’s City Cellar, the barrel aging facility. Beer, cider and mead are all things you can try while at these two locations.

There is something that suits every palette, from a refreshing American-style Pilsner to a wine barrel-aged Golden Sour to a triple dry-hopped Imperial IPA. Each with its own distinct flavors ready to be consumed.

The large beer garden is adult, child, and dog friendly with shaded areas and ample inside space. Situated in Downtown St. Pete, you can make a day of it by visiting the Salvador Dali Museum and then heading to Green Beach Brewing for a tasty treat.

Green Bench Brewery in St. Pete beer garden
Photo by Green Bench Brewing

If I Brewed the World

Located in the heart of the Grand Central District of Saint Petersburg, If I Brewed the World is a small batch brewery specializing in eclectic flavor profiles. Possibly the most quirky brewery on our list, if you are into innovative craft beers, make sure to stop by If I Brewed the World.

The inside tasting room is a bit small, but with that comes an inviting dive bar feel with friendly service. A dark chocolate sour and a green berry punch ale are a couple of current options on the tap list, so head in with an open mind and surely you’ll find a new favorite.

Troubled Waters Brewing

Safety Harbor, with its rich history and beach town feel, has given us no choice but to highlight not one but two breweries on the best Pinellas County breweries list. Troubled Waters Brewing is a quaint, little brewery located on Main St.

You can cozy up to the bar, sit at a small table inside, or enjoy a cold one out on the covered patio. A couple of exciting beer choices currently on tap are Sour Candy Berliner – a Berliner with Sour Patch candy and Mango Habanero SMaSH – a pale ale made with, you guessed it, mango and habanero.

If you are into hoppy beers, give Cosmic Chaos – a hazy IPA – a try, or if you prefer a lighter brew, Sandal Scandal Pilsner is for you. The best news is, if you find a favorite, Troubled Waters will fill any standard size growler or fix you up a 32oz Crowler to go (crowlers are for one-time use that are sealed by a machine – picture a 12oz can on steroids).

Troubled Waters Brewing craft beer
Photo by Trouble Waters Brewing

Crooked Thumb Brewery

Crooked Thumb Brewery, the second Safety Harbor brewery on our list, has it all. Spacious outdoor seating with canopy trees, live music, a large inside with a long bar, plenty of tables, and the most important thing – great beer!

Even cooler is you can sip a ‘brewskey’ while viewing the beer production area. A few fan favorites are Hazy Adventurers, Grandpa Jack’s Pils and Strawberry Shakedown.

You can even drink the Rule #7 Hurricane Pale Ale during Florida’s hurricane season. But only if you promise not to freak out over a brewing hurricane headed towards the Sunshine State – unless of course Meteorologist Denis Phillips does (it’s a Tampa Bay area inside joke). So on your next visit to Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast be sure to stop by Crooked Thumb Brewery!

Southern Lights Brewing

Southern Lights Brewing piqued our interest not only because of the obvious (it’s a brewery in Pinellas County, duh) but because the ‘brewfessor’ likes to make delicious German-inspired beer. Beers like Grain Man, a hefeweizen (pronounced hay-fuh-vite-sen), and Drunkelstiltskin, a dark German wheat beer, are a must if you want to try something new.

But don’t worry, if you’re going to stick to styles you know, Southern Lights Brewing also serves a pilsner and pale ale. Or you can spice it up with a stout, a couple of porters, and numerous IPAs.

Conveniently located only 5 minutes from US Hwy 19 and Gulf to Bay Blvd in Clearwater, you can not only cool off at the beach but take an Uber and enjoy a cold one after a very toasty Florida day.

Southern Lights Brewing Co - Clearwater, FL
Southern Lights Brewing Co – Voted Best Small Brewery in Florida

Dunedin Brewery

With over 100 awards at various beer competitions, Dunedin Brewery had to make our list of best breweries in Pinellas County for two reasons. It is Florida’s oldest microbrewery (founded in 1995), and its hand-crafted brews are on point.

A perfect pairing would be the fruity Apricot Peach Ale with the tasty Bavarian Pretzel Bites, one of the few breweries on our list with food options.

Once you are finished enjoying your cold beer, grabbing a bite to eat off Dunedin Brewery’s food menu, and listening to some live tunes, don’t forget to purchase a 4-pack of beer to take home with you.

Dunedin Brewery bar area - Picture by VinoBrewskey
Dunedin Brewery – Florida’s Oldest Microbrewery

Woodwright Brewing Co.

It is hard to visit Germany and not be inspired by their culture and fall in love with their delicious styles of beer. This love is what eventually created Woodwright Brewing Company years later and it’s evident when walking into the front doors of this downtown Dunedin brewery.

Many of Woodwright’s recipes adhere to the German purity laws that were introduced in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. A couple of their top-selling brews are the Hefeweizen wheat beer and Dunkelweizen, which is a cross between a German-style dunkel and a hefeweizen.

If you prefer entertainment while you drink a cold one, consider going Thursdays, when they have a traditional bluegrass band play.

de Bine Brewing Company

Situated right along the Pinellas Trail in Palm Harbor, de Bine Brewing Company allows you to work and play at the same time, although we’re sure most would rather just play. The de Bine Brewing Company offers a relaxing atmosphere, a delicious BBQ and seafood food truck, fun entertainment, and mouthwatering craft beers.

A robust stout like Cocoa Coma or a refreshing American wheat beer like Wappy Sprayberry Reprise, are just a couple of options to try out when visiting deBine’s. If you aren’t into beer, don’t fear, this brewery also offers a selection of wine and cider.

de Bine Brewing Co's tasty Fire the Cannons beer
Photo by de Bine Brewing Company

Two Frogs Brewing Company

Two Frogs Brewing Company is located in charming downtown Tarpon Springs. The quaint historic building gives off that neighborly vibe the minute you arrive. Bull Frog Blonde is a crowd favorite and always seems to pair well with the Florida summer heat.

Or maybe you want to imagine you are on a wintery retreat while drinking a Snowmass, an American brown ale. With the slogan “don’t worry, be hoppy,” how can you not enjoy yourself at Two Frogs?

Five Branches Brewing

Veteran-owned and operated 5 Branches Brewing is located at the tippy top of Pinellas County in Tarpon Springs. The mission is to “create unique, clean, crisp, craft beer using quality ingredients, innovation, fun and creativity, while supporting and honoring all service members.”

If that isn’t enough to lure you in, the brewery has live music, TVs, and friendly staff. Plus, the historic Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks are just down the street. Oh yeah, and their wide variety of beer to choose from will leave your taste buds watering.

If IPAs are your thing, there are quite a few options available, but if you prefer something more light and crisp, check out their Windtalker Kolsch.

5 Branches Brewing Kolsch beer
Photo by 5 Branches Brewing

Wrapping It Up…

We are confident you will not only find a favorite brewery in Pinellas County but will most likely find two or three. Each location has something unique that will appeal to everyone that visits. Just be prepared to meet friendly people and enjoy tasty craft beer.

Don’t forget to check out the Gulf Coast Craft Brewery Passport, which lists ALL the Pinellas County breweries, keeps track of each one you visit, and occasionally rewards you with discounts – now that sounds like a win!

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